Elevate Your Competitive Edge with Physical and Cognitive Performance Tests for Executives

As a senior executive, you aren’t just working hard, you’re pouring significant brain power into your role. Brain health and performance ultimately impact your team and business success. While this high-achieving work ethic is admirable, if not managed well, this non-stop routine can be especially damaging to your body and brain health. 

We understand how difficult it can be to maintain your peak cognitive and physical performance so you can always bring your best to your professional life.

Aviv Clinics Dubai by DP World introduces its revolutionary Executive Health and Performance Check-up, designed exclusively for senior leaders and executives like you, this comprehensive program goes beyond the ordinary.  

Keep reading to learn more about How Aviv’s multidisciplinary approach sets us apart. 

What Cognitive Performance Tests Can Tell Us?


A cognitive performance test involves computer-based analysis that look at various aspects of your brain function such as: 

  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Information processing speed

The purpose of this assessment is to learn how effectively your brain is working and identify areas for improvement.

The Functions that Cognitive Performance Tests Can Assess

There is not one cognitive performance test. Rather, there are various types of tests, each one designed to measure one or several specific cognitive functions. These could include the following: 

  • Attention: Your level of alertness and ability to attend to targets and disregard noise
  • Information processing speed: How quickly you process information
  • Memory: The level at which you encode and recall information
  • Executive functions: Your ability to apply information, compare, and make sound judgments
  • Spatial skills: How you lean on visual cues and senses to make decisions

The Power of Advanced Brain Imaging (MRI)  


The brain is the “most complex part of the human body.” While it may just be a mere three pounds, it helps you achieve the clarity, focus, and resilience required in your job. 

Brain tests involving advanced brain imaging such as MRI & SPECT, which offers: 

  • Detailed images on the structure of your brain
  • Ruling out any abnormalities 
  • Detection of subtle signs of age-related decline

A crucial element in our assessment is our advanced brain imaging to capture and assess and diagnose the brain.

3T MRI: MRI technology is categorized by the strength of the magnet in the MRI machine, using a measurement known as a Tesla. Most standard MRIs are 1.5 Tesla. A 3 Tesla (3T) MRI is more advanced and provides a more detailed view of the brain’s structure to detect evidence of stroke.

This scan helps guide a treatment plan that addresses a patient’s deficits. Whatever the patient’s unique circumstances are, a strategic plan—like the Aviv Medical Program—works to stimulate those specific areas of the brain and optimize recovery.


What Physical Check Ups for Executives Can Reveal?

According to the CEO Health & Wellness Survey:

  • 69.23% of Middle Eastern CEOs were in poor physical fitness condition
  • 58.97% were unable to touch their toes
  • 61.54% were unable to do a single push up or sit up
  • 28.20% had never exercised since their childhood

Executive physical check ups entail: 


  • Cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPET)
  • Comprehensive Blood tests
  • Blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation and temperature
  • ECG
  • Spirometry (Lung function tests)

A Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET), commonly referred to as a VO2max test, is a non-invasive and widely accepted method for evaluating aerobic fitness. This test is typically administered on a treadmill or stationary exercise bike, with continuous monitoring using an electrocardiogram (ECG) to track heart rate, and a face mask to measure o2 flow. During the test, individuals pedal or walk against progressively increasing resistance until they reach their maximum exercise capacity.

A substantial amount of data is collected during the CPET, focusing on various cardiac, ventilatory, and pulmonary parameters. This comprehensive dataset helps construct a comprehensive profile of the individual’s cardiovascular system. The exercise physiologist then analyzes the results to determine key metrics such as VO2max, ventilatory/anaerobic threshold, and other nuanced variables. Additionally, CPET can identify potential limitations affecting an individual’s exercise capacity.

CPET has proven invaluable in assessing a diverse range of individuals, from patients to elite athletes, underscoring its significance. Furthermore, the test results can benefit anyone seeking to enhance their fitness. This data can be used to create a personalized training program tailored to an individual’s needs or serve as a source of motivation for improving cardiorespiratory fitness.


The Role of Nutritional Assessments 


The brain requires a constant supply of energy. That energy comes from the food you eat, and what is in that food makes all the difference to achieving desired goals. Eating high-quality foods nourishes the brain and protects it from oxidative stress, which can damage cells.

A nutritional assessment looks at your dietary habits and body composition (body’s amount of fat relative to fat-free mass.). The aim is to balance your performance goals with personalized nutritional requirements. 

Our comprehensive nutritional assessment is done by our dietitians, and is comprised of a body composition analysis and blood tests. The information gathered will help you develop a dietary, and lifestyle plan tailored to your individual requirements. 

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When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Brain? 


Lead with Clarity, Focus, and Resilience

Imagine the assurance you’ll carry as you walk into important meetings, armed with the knowledge that your mind is sharp, your body is at its best, and your nutrition is driving your success.

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