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Seeing a child suffering from issues related to the normal development process but not knowing why or how to help is devastating and often life-changing for a parent. No father or mother wants to see their child compromised or held back and not living their best life. One of the most challenging problems facing parents is diagnosing and finding the right solutions for their child’s development. Getting the correct diagnosis is essential to be able to treat the condition in the most effective and efficient way.   

At Aviv Clinics Dubai by DP World, our team of experts is here to help, starting that process with our Youth Assessment. The assessment draws on years of evidence-based research by some of the world’s foremost medical professionals and scientists. Our Youth Assessment offers an in-depth cognitive and physical assessment to evaluate the issue and offer further advice for a tailored treatment plan moving forward.

  • image of Understanding your child’s specific health needs
  • Understanding your child’s specific health needs

    The first and most fundamental part of the journey back to health is properly understanding the current physical and cognitive functioning levels. It’s vital to know what to look for when it comes to finding the best solution, so firstly, it’s worth clarifying the answers to the following questions:

    • Is your child’s walking delayed?
    • Does your child have an abnormal walking pattern?
    • Does your child have a delay in learning to speak?
    • Is your child having learning difficulties at school?
    • Has your child received a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder?
    • Has your child developed weakness on one side of the body?
    • Have you noticed a recent change in your child’s behavior?
    • Has your child recently recovered from a brain infection
    • Has your child recently experienced a traumatic brain injury?

    Once these and similar questions have been answered, it’s time to take our Youth Assessment for a more precise and in-depth analysis of your child’s current health status. To schedule a call with one of our team members or to book our comprehensive Youth Assessment.

  • image of Our Advanced Medical Program can help your child
  • Our Advanced Medical Program can help your child

    Having comprehensively evaluated the health picture of your child, our team tailors a specially-formulated, evidence-based program designed to deliver the most appropriate treatment for the assessed condition.

    Following the assessment, we will recommend the most fitting treatment based on the Aviv Medical Program. Its unique protocol combines Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) with tailored cognitive training and specific nutritional guidance. Following this, robust analysis is carried out by our highly-trained team of physicians, who look closely at the results of the treatments and discuss relevant follow-ups with clients. 

    Our program has already helped thousands of people worldwide suffering from a range of cognitive-related issues, including those caused by traumatic brain injury. 

  • image of What does our Youth Assessment include?
  • What does our Youth Assessment include?

    • A comprehensive assessment by our qualified physician team includes a complete medical history evaluation and a physical and cognitive examination.
    • A neurocognitive assessment, a substantial physical therapy assessment and a tailored nutritional plan. This includes age-appropriate neurocognitive battery and additional testing for comorbid issues such as autism spectrum disorder.
    • A complete range of assessments and evaluations, including speech therapy, occupational therapy assessment, and a variety of lab work, such as blood tests, liver, and kidney functioning, thyroid tests, and monitoring of hormone levels.
    • Genetic testing includes whole genome sequencing and a detailed neurology report to rule out genetic causes of autism or developmental delay.
    • Radiological evaluation, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain with diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). We use only the most advanced technology to help us to ascertain specific issues and treat them accordingly.
    • A wide range of additional tests can be ordered during the assessment process as necessary.

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