Cerebral Palsy

Little Heroes, Big Dreams! Embark on H.A.'s inspirational journey and witness the transformative power of our advanced hyperbaric oxygen program, tailored to treat Cerebral Palsy such as the case with our 7 year old hero.



Alleviating Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Symptoms and Improving Quality of Life with Aviv Medical Program.


Multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries

Dylan joined the Aviv Medical Program and noticed a significant improvement in his physical performance, cognitive function, and overall quality of life.


Enhancing Golf Performance

English professional golfer, Tommy Fleetwood is a six-time DP World Tour winner and Ryder Cup player. To enhance his golf performance, Tommy decided to undergo the Aviv Medical Program to optimize his physical and brain health. Tommy saw significant changes in his overall performance. We want to congratulate Tommy for his recent win at 2022 Nedbank Golf Challenge, in South Africa and a fantastic season.


Enhancing brain and body performance

Yogesh Mehta, CEO of Petrochem Middle East, went through the entire program and he felt "very energetic" and mentally fresh post completion.


Improving cognitive decline

Siham suffered from cognitive decline, which affected her memory, focus, and overall quality of life. Watch Siham's inspiring story and learn how the Aviv Program helped her overcome and improve her everyday life.


Improving health and performance

Belgian golfer Nicolas Colsaerts, 3-time DP World Tour winner and 2012 Ryder Cup star. After being diagnosed with a rare kidney disease, Nicolas embarked on his path to recovery with Aviv Clinics. Nicolas joined the Aviv Medical Program and experienced significant improvements in his cognitive and physical capabilities.


Healing from Long-COVID symptoms

Patrick's life is back to normal, but on a higher level than before, says Patrick Bol, who overcame the symptoms of long COVID and regained his peak performance after undergoing the Aviv Medical Program.


Enhancing brain performance

As CCO of DP World Group, Daniel's job can be extremely demanding and requires him to stay sharp. He took part in the Aviv Medical Program as part of DP World Group’s Executive Healthcare Program. After his treatment, he noticed improvements in his professional performance and executive skills, including memory, information processing speed and more.


Renewed zest for life

Life coach Geeta Ramakrishnan wanted to strike a perfect balance between her personal and professional life as an accomplished business woman. Following the Aviv Medical Program, Geeta experienced a renewed zest for life and is able to make the most of every moment she spends with her loved ones.


Enhanced Performance

Dr. Joe Maroon is vice chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, head neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL team, and medical director of the WWE. At 81 years young, Joe Maroon joined the Aviv Medical Program and saw significant results in his physical and cognitive performance. And he's still running strong!


Healing Youth Post Concussion Syndrome

At just 14 years old, Linden suffered multiple concussions in basketball and soccer leaving her sidelined with lingering health issues. Watch how she regained her health and performance after taking part in the Aviv Medical Program to get back in school and on the field.


Post Stroke Survivor

Doctors said I would never stand, two months later, I did thanks to the Aviv treatment. Her recovery process was accelerated and she noticed stark improvements in her physical and cognitive capabilities. "Its not magic, its hard work, but its worth it". Watch Keren's remarkable journey to recovery.


Healing from Lyme Disease

Like many Lyme disease patients, Lyndi Scott-Strite experienced a long and difficult diagnosis process. Treating her illness was the next hurdle, after fighting her illness for years, she found Aviv Clinics. It has been over a year since Lyndi was treated at Aviv Clinics and she says she has feels the best she has in years.

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