The World's Most Advanced Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Program

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment that involves the breathing of 100% pure oxygen in a pressurized HBOT suite (often called a hyperbaric oxygen chamber). This process increases oxygen levels in the body 20 times higher than normal and has been long-proven to speed up the body’s healing and rejuvenation abilities.

Aviv Clinics Dubai, a subsidiary of DP World, is at the forefront of innovation, offering the world’s most advanced hyperbaric oxygen program. Our Program advances the effectiveness of HBOT significantly by implementing specific oxygen fluctuations, coupled with an array of other therapeutic strategies, to help your body and brain reach their full potential.

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Research-Backed HBOT Therapy Program

Our innovative HBOT therapy treatment program reverses age-related cognitive and physical decline, restoring youthful vitality and enhancing quality of life. Our program can also treats several health conditions in adults & youth including:

What Does HBOT Do to Your Body?

Your mind and body require oxygenBut sometimes, due to injuries, medical conditions, or age, oxygen levels begin to wane. The good news is your body is capable of natural rejuvenation. Our team has the data and highly-advanced resources to unleash your body’s natural potential via hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Dubai. Our unique hyperbaric oxygen protocol can:

– Increase the amount of oxygen in the blood

– Trigger the regenerative and healing process

– Enhance proliferation of omnipotent stem cells

– Induce generation of new blood vessels

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The Aviv Medical Program Benefits:

Benefits for Your Mind

Benefits for Your Mind

  • Better brain connectivity and function (the general health of your brain and how it controls thoughts and feelings)
  • Stronger mental ability, including memory, attention and focus
  • Faster information processing speed (how quickly we complete mental tasks)
  • Sharper executive functions (the set of complex mental skills that allow us to think flexibly, make decisions, and exercise self-control)
  • Improved mood
Benefits for Your Body

Benefits for Your Body

  • Better physical performance: Fitness, Strength, Coordination, Balance
  • Boost energy, power, and stamina
  • Reduce pain (strong anti-inflammatory effect)
  • Sleep better
Benefits for Your Cells

Benefits for Your Cells

  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Encourage stem cells (the building blocks of tissue rejuvenation) to multiply and migrate
  • Lengthen the telomeres - the protective caps at the end of each strand of DNA
  • Reduce senescent cells – known to contribute to many age-related diseases
  • Increase mitochondrial function – the power plant in each of our cells

Dive into the Science Behind Our Medical Program

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Anti-Aging Effects

Reversing Aging Biomarkers

In the groundbreaking study, patients aged 64 and older underwent a series of unique HBOT anti-aging programs. The study showed “HBOT may induce significant senolytic effects including significantly increasing telomere length and clearance of senescent cells in the aging populations.”

The number of brain vessels naturally declines with age, but our program can help lessen this effect. HBOT’s ability to increase blood flow to the brain shows promise in improving cognitive function.

One neuroscience study suggests HBOT can help prevent memory loss and reverse the main activators of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS)

Recovery & Healing

Approximately 30–40% of those who suffer concussions or traumatic brain injuries experience lingering symptoms. This condition is called post-concussion syndrome (PCS) and merits careful medical attention.

Research indicates HBOT may improve PCS, even years after a mild traumatic brain injury event.

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Tailored Assessments for a Complete Health Profile

Our comprehensive clinical assessment is designed to deliver in-depth evaluations of both your cognitive and physical functions. In addition to a thorough routine physical exams conducted by our physicians, you will undergo a series of exams, interviews, and tests curated by a team of certified medical experts, including physicians, neuropsychologists, physiotherapists, dietitians, and nurses.

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The Aviv Medical Program: How it Works?

Aviv Clinics, brought to you by DP World, has proudly assisted over 2,000 clients in Dubai with the world’s most advanced hyperbaric oxygen therapy protocol. Our team offers:

  • A holistic and personalized approach. Our diverse team of physicians, nurses, and therapists provides a customized health journey. The Aviv Medical Program acknowledges no rehabilitation plan is the same as another, and each person’s health program reflects this.
  • Unique HBOT protocol. Aviv Clinics’ unique process fluctuates oxygen levels during HBOT sessions to minimize side effects and trigger the body’s self-regenerative mechanisms. The benefits reported in research studies make our program the most advanced HBOT program in the world. 
  • Comfort and safety. We created our hyperbaric chambers with Fink Engineering, an FDA-registered company with international quality certification. Each suite offers a luxurious space that prioritizes our clients’ comfort and experience. 
  • Cutting-edge data analytics tools. Data is the foundation of our process. We tap into cutting-edge analytics technology during the pre- and post-program stages to track progress and adjust as needed.  

Aviv Clinics’ Holistic Approach

The Aviv holistic approach to recovery includes hyperbaric oxygen therapy at it core, coupled with additional therapies for comprehensive treatment. Your personalized treatment plan includes:

  • In-depth review of health history
  • Comprehensive physical exam
  • Highly advanced MRI, fMRI, and SPECT scans
  • Neurological and neurocognitive tests
  • Body composition analysis
  • Cellular analysis
  • Full Assessment report
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)
  • Cognitive training
  • Physical training
  • Dietary coaching
  • A post-treatment report of your improvements

Our approach delivers incredible results, often greater than what research studies illustrate.

“The Aviv Medical Program can be successful because it addresses the cause of the symptoms, not just the symptoms alone. In combination with cognitive, physical, and nutritional coaching, some HBOT protocols can be very effective.” Dr. Mohammed Elamir, MD, FACP

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Start Your Healing Journey with DP World's Aviv Clinics Dubai

How Does Aviv HBOT Work?

1. You enter a multi place hyperbaric oxygen suite

Sit comfortably and breathe through a custom-fitted oxygen mask. Patients generally don’t feel anything during this process. Most play brain exercise games on a tablet (part of the cognitive training session). Others listen to podcasts or practice a new language.

2. You rotate between breathing through the mask and breathing air

During your time in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber in Dubai, our staff helps you alternate between breathing 100% pure oxygen and medical-grade air. These repeated fluctuation triggers the body into cell repair and regeneration mode, and are key to gaining the greatest benefits hyperbaric oxygen therapy offers.

3. You come back for repeated HBOT sessions

Most patients complete roughly 60 sessions altogether, but your Aviv Clinics physician helps determine what’s right for you. At the end of your treatment, you receive detailed before-and-after reports that outline your brain-body performance and progress.

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What is a HBOT Chamber?

A hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber or suite is the space where the client sits and breathes in 100% pure oxygen. The air pressure inside the chamber is raised to higher-than-normal levels, allowing the lungs to collect more oxygen. 

Keep in mind, not all HBOT chambers are the same. There are two types of chambers: Multiplace chambers – fit multiple people, and Monoplace chambers – rigid glass or plastic tubes that fit one person.

Aviv Clinics provides patients with the world’s most advanced multiplace HBOT chambers. Our multiplace chambers:

  • Emulate airline business class suites, prioritizing our clients’ safety and comfort.
  • Allow each client to have an individual breathing apparatus. 
  • Offer a more comfortable environment (rather than feeling claustrophobic in a monoplace chamber). Individuals can comfortably sit upright (instead of lying down in a monoplace chamber).
  • Allow medical professionals to be in the chamber with our clients during therapy sessions. This is not possible in a monoplace chamber, as it only fits one person.

What Makes Aviv’s HBOT Protocol Unique?

  • First, we increase your oxygen level through a mask in the HBOT suite. As you breathe it in, your bloodstream sends this oxygen to tissue in your body that has been deprived. Oxygen-saturated blood can bypass blood vessels that have become clogged or narrowed with age. This gives the brain the energy it needs to turbocharge the healing process.
  • Second, we fluctuate the oxygen level you breathe inside the HBOT suite. This variation in oxygen supply triggers your self body’s regenerative mechanisms resulting in stem cells proliferation.
  • By combining the two actions above, we’re essentially switching your rejuvenation processes on, while supplying the body with the abundant energy it needs to complete it’s natural process.
  • During the treatment period, your brain and body go back to regenerating at a level similar to when you were a child.
  • By the end of your treatment program, you should see a significant improvement in your mental and physical performance, and feel better inside and out.

How Long Does HBOT Take to See Results?

Most people see improvement from the Aviv Medical Program very early in the 8–12 weeks of therapy and see medically verifiable results by the end of their treatment.

Keep in mind there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You’ll receive your own unique, holistic therapy plan that can include HBOT, so outcomes and timelines vary.

Aviv Clinics provides objective data during your treatment plan to assess your oxygen levels and brain output before and after implementing HBOT and other therapies. Our ability to quantify your health plan is ultimately what delivers results.

How Long Do the Effects of HBOT Last?

Our relationship with you does not stop at the end of your plan timeline. We’ll send you off with a wearable device and continue to check in with you and send reports on your health and performance.

“I’m five months after the program, and I really do feel a lot calmer. I’ve been able to think through things more clearly. Before I was losing confidence, I was in a panic…now I plan to tap dance until I’m 120 years old!” ZiZi McKinnon, former Aviv Clinics patient

Is HBOT Therapy Safe?

HBOT is considered a generally safe therapy. Studies show pre-evaluations and in-suite monitoring are the two essential roles in ensuring HBOT patient safety. Rest assured, the Aviv medical team puts your well-being front and center in your personal treatment plan.


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HBOT: A Research-Backed Therapy Program

HBOT has been utilized since the 1800s, which demonstrates its longevity and effectiveness over the years. Decades of research illustrate that HBOT may help people suffering from a variety of health conditions. Today, Aviv Clinics Dubai by DP World uses advanced and unique HBOT technology to deliver safe and secure medical treatments. The following section includes scientific references to studies carried out by the team at The Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research, as well as relevant studies done by others.

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