Post-COVID 19 Syndrome

Since December 2021, the team at the Sagol Center started one of the most comprehensive studies on post-COVID patients. The team designed a prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial focusing on HBOT as the therapeutic intervention. The findings revealed that patients treated with HBOT experienced significant improvements in their overall cognitive function and within specific brain regions responsible for attention and executive function. They also showed enhancements in energy levels, sleep patterns, psychiatric symptoms, and pain management. The positive effects of this unique treatment protocol are attributed to neuroplasticity and increased brain perfusion in areas related to cognitive and emotional functions. The second study employed a novel functional MRI technique and identified significant changes in brain connectivity and functional networks in the HBOT group compared to the placebo group. A third study demonstrated that HBOT could improve cardiac functions in post-COVID patients as well. The fourth study was a longitudinal follow-up of the original randomized controlled trial original cohort (see above, first study). It demonstrated that the clinical improvements in both quality of life, quality of sleep, psychiatric and pain symptoms of patients suffering from long COVID are maintained long term and persistent even 1 year after the last HBOT session.

Data and Studies from The Sagol Center