Dylan Hartley’s Revolutionary Brain Injury Therapy

Athletes face many challenges in the world of sports. One of the most common concerns is the risk of head injuries. These injuries have significant repercussions, impacting an athlete’s performance and overall quality of life after sports retirement.

When former England rugby captain Dylan Hartley endured numerous traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) throughout his 16-year career, he became concerned for his future both on and off the field. With the onset of life-altering head injury symptoms, he shifted his focus to just one important goal: Treat his head trauma and, ultimately, reclaim his life. 

Fortunately, Dylan was introduced to Aviv Clinics Dubai by DP World, where he embraced a renewed sense of hope. Through a revolutionary brain injury therapy, Dylan Hartley can finally embark on the path toward recovery.

Why Dylan Came to Aviv Clinics Dubai

“Rugby is great for the soul but terrible for the body.”— Dylan Hartley

Dylan Hartley fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a professional rugby player. But when a series of injuries forced the UK rugby captain to retire, he grew desperate to find solutions to address his symptoms and put himself back together. 

Through repeated head trauma, he developed post-concussion syndrome, a complex condition affecting individuals who can experience “symptoms persisting months to years” after the injuries and may include: 

  • Headache 
  • Dizziness
  • Imbalance
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Impaired cognition
  • Vertigo
  • Depression and anxiety

For years, Dylan quietly endured ongoing symptoms such as irritability, overwhelming fatigue, a limited attention span, and even speech difficulties. As these symptoms continued to interfere with his life, he worried he was on track to develop early-onset dementia at the age of 36, just as he had seen happen to other athletes. 

“When I retired, I was on a mission to put myself back together, like Humpty Dumpty. I was a bit bashed up and there were things that needed doing,” Dylan told The National. That’s when he discovered the Aviv Medical Program

Dylan Hartley’s Remarkable Transformation with Aviv Clinics Dubai

Dylan Hartley

During his three-month stay at Aviv Clinics Dubai, Dylan followed a comprehensive treatment program tailored to the findings of his initial brain scans.

“I never wanted to get a scan because I didn’t want to know the truth. I’d started to stutter and mix my words, dropping things and struggling when my kids made certain noises. I was confronting the monster under the bed, in a way. I did an MRI scan and a SPECT scan. The SPECT scan is where they inject low-level radiation into your body and see how your brain is firing.” Dylan told Daily Mail.


After the scans at Aviv Clinics Dubai showed potential for healing improvement, he felt relief. 

“I had the world’s best facility at my fingertips to improve myself.”

Throughout his three-month stay, Dylan had access to a team of experts, including physicians, physiologists, neurophysiologist, and nutritionists. He underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions conducted in Aviv’s state-of-the-art chamber. Following the completion of his treatment, Dylan’s post-analysis showed impressive results.

Watch Dylan’s Recovery Story at Aviv Clinics:


At the end of his program, Dylan experienced a remarkable 91% enhancement in cognitive endurance and a substantial 38% improvement in auditory processing. 

“Subjectively, I was feeling great. I was walking around telling everyone how good it was,” said Dylan.

“But then the metrics and the data and the report came back on my before-and-after… and blew me away with the improvement I got.”

‘I don’t want to say I had areas of the brain that were dead, but they were asleep. They were dormant. The hardest thing in life is usually the right thing to do. The easy thing is to ignore things. I took the hard path, went and got the scan and I’m so happy I did.’

The following image is a scan of Hartley’s brain revealed that parts of his brain had ‘gone to sleep’ with repetitive blows to the head:


The Power Behind our Program

As Dylan Hartley’s story demonstrates, even those who have endured a multitude of brain injuries can find a path to recovery at Aviv Clinics Dubai by DP World.

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The Aviv Medical Program offers a science-backed, multidisciplinary approach to improving cognitive, physical, and emotional well-being. For those seeking head trauma treatment, this program has the potential to combine the principles of TBI occupational therapy, such as cognitive training exercises, with other treatments and therapies, including physical training, nutritional coaching, and the world’s most advanced hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

“I was aware of hyperbaric [oxygen] therapy, but I’d never seen it on the scale it is here, and the offering that is here in terms of an all-encompassing program.” — Dylan Hartley

Aviv’s unique Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a scientific, evidence-backed solution that stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms, which can promote the restoration of damaged brain tissue, help reduce inflammation, enhance physical performance, and boost neurological function. 

Treating TBI and Concussion in Sports – Aviv Clinics Dubai:


TBI & PCS Treatment at Aviv Clinics Dubai

Through the Aviv Medical Program, Dylan Hartley experienced substantial, life-changing improvements in his cognitive, physical, and overall well-being. For athletes looking to overcome the challenges posed by traumatic brain injuries, this innovative program can help you maximize your performance and improve your quality of life. 

Get in touch today to discover how you can unlock your full potential and invest in your cognitive and physical well-being and maintain performance at peak.