Aviv Dubai Championship

11-14 November 2021
Jumeirah Golf Estates

We are delighted to announce the Aviv Dubai Championship at Jumeirah Golf Estates, and we look forward to welcoming the European Tour players to Dubai.

Enhance your golf performance

The Aviv Golf Performance Program is an evidence based personalized program which utilizes hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to ignite the self-regeneration capabilities of the body. The Program is chemical free, uses no interventions and has been shown to enhance stamina, improve body strength and reduce pain related inflammation.

This program will help both professional and amateur golfers improve their physical and mental performance, including focus, memory and attention, as well as accelerating physical recovery.

The Aviv Medical Program

Cognitive benefits
for your golf game:

  • Improved hand/eye coordination
    (improving swing quality and ball contact)
  • Improved attention and focus
    (with reading putting greens & ball placement)
  • Faster processing speed and decision making
    (shot organization and planning)
  • Better mental clarity and patience
    (mood & shot visualization)

Physical benefits
for your golf game:

  • Improved swing quality (Swing efficiency)
  • Faster recovery, less physical fatigue following a round of golf
  • Improved strength, mobility, and stability
  • Prolonged professional career
  • Improve sleep quality

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Your Best Golf Game and Health Begins at Aviv Clinics

Aviv Clinics is committed to keeping your quality of life and your game performance at its optimal potential.

Learn more about Aviv Golf Performance Program, available in the UAE only at Aviv Clinics, Dubai.

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