Mohammed Elamir, MD, FACP

Treating Post Concussion Syndrome

Dr. Elamir will discuss the connection between concussions and adverse mental health effects like anxiety and depression. Dr. Elamir will offer practical insights for those suffering from post-concussion symptoms, and effective treatment options that can get your child back to health.

Shai Efrati, M.D

Post COVID condition

Shai Efrati, M.D. discusses the results of his latest in-depth research regarding treatment of post-COVID conditions. Dr. Efrati offers practical insights for those suffering from lingering symptoms, and suggests effective treatment options that can restore health.

Meet The Scientists Trying to Reverse Aging

While the world wrestles with the coronavirus and climate change, there’s another challenge facing humanity: aging. As we live longer lives, more of our final years are marked by poor health, which means increased suffering and higher healthcare bills. But some scientists believe we might be able to solve this problem, and make later life more enjoyable.

Shai Efrati, M.D

Reversing The Biology of Aging

It’s time to redefine aging! It doesn’t have to be a slippery slope from health to the gradual loss of faculties. New innovations in science and medicine make it possible to curb biological aging, manage certain illnesses, and enhance your opportunities for a healthy, active lifestyle at any age.