Stem Cell Therapy vs. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Change is a natural progression and happens as we age. While we want to stay in control and maintain our well being, time means the capabilities we previously took for granted tend to grow more difficult to achieve.

The transitional time we all experience after retirement age can feel tough, scary, depressing, and isolating. We begin to miss the “good old days” when performing at our peak was easy and rewarding. But please know that there is hope of returning to your glory days. 

Science has advanced so much over the past decade and has delivered some promising therapies. Two of them have been gaining notable attention: stem cell therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). You may not be very familiar with either one, but they have enhanced human biology over the years. 

Aviv Clinics brought to you by DP World, walks you through the key details of each and how they compare. 

What Are Stem Cells? 

Stem cells are the body’s internal repair system. When our cells go through normal wear and tear, injuries, or diseases, stem cells develop replacements for lost or damaged cells. 

The incredible thing is that stem cells are like 3D printers of the body—they can develop into almost any type of cell in the body, from muscle to brain, and can repair and recreate functional tissues.” 

Our body is like a machine. In the beginning, when we are young, our machine works well—we have numerous stem cells. But as we age, the ability to do this starts to decline: Stem cells’ “renewal ability deteriorates and their ability to differentiate into the various cell types is altered.”

“As the amount and potency of stem cells start to decline…we start to lose tissue. This is what we call aging.” – Dr. Shai Efrati, MD, Director of Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research. 

Given the powerful abilities of stem cells, researchers have studied them for decades to discover therapies for aging-associated disorders. 

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Stem Cell Therapy 

Stem cell therapy renews damaged organs, tissues, or bodily functions. It’s an invasive therapy that physicians administer through: 

  • Injecting stem cells into the bloodstream
  • Directly injecting healthy stem cells into a specific area of the body (e.g., the knee)
  • Engraftment—when transplanted stem cells grow in the body and reproduce healthy blood cells

Uses of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell infusions and transplants are used for repairing cells damaged by chemotherapy or certain types of disease. Examples of these conditions include Leukemia and radiation injury. 

Because of the“plasticity [and] self-renewal” abilities in stem cells, researchers note stem cell therapy “could delay or even reverse aging.” However, more studies need to be done to discover a specific stem cell treatment for reverse aging.

Limitations and Dangers of Stem Cell Therapy

Though stem cell therapy has made a lot of progress in health and wellness, there are limitations and potential risks to keep in mind: 

  • First and foremost, quality evidence is limited for the clinical improvements of stem cells therapy for most possible applications on humans.
  • Currently, it is not possible to generate stem cells in large quantities. There isn’t a solution available to “generate large quantities of stem cells” in a laboratory. This makes stem cells difficult to obtain and purify.
  • Stem cell therapy is limited to certain conditions. 
  • Stem cells therapy is an invasive procedure and therefore harbors the hazards of any invasive therapy, such as infections and the risk of significant local and system reactions, which could pose a significant health risk to the recipient. 

While stem cell therapy has made its presence in Dubai, it is still very much in the research phase, which does limit its use as an effective therapy for age reversal.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Aviv Clinics Dubai


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a therapy that involves breathing 100% oxygen in a pressurized hyperbaric multi-person suite. 

As you age, stem cells “gradually lose their self-renewal and regenerative potential.” But there is a way to naturally increase stem cells in your body for healing and healthy aging without having to inject anything into your body. 

Not all hyperbaric oxygen treatments are able to achieve stem cell regeneration. The key is to receive a unique hyperbaric oxygen protocol that involves fluctuating oxygen levels over a set period of time. This process activates the body’s self-healing mechanisms by proliferating stem cells. 

Your body is capable of natural rejuvenation. A unique hyperbaric oxygen protocol can help unlock this potential for repair and growth. 

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Uses of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

People have historically used hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat a variety of conditions that involve oxygen-starved tissue. These include

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Delayed radiation injuries 
  • Wound healing

The promising results of HBOT have prompted many physicians and scientists to dive further into research to identify possible impacts the therapy has on reverse aging and other health areas.

Landmark Research on a Hyperbaric Oxygen Unique Protocol

Founded on decades of research, it’s proven that unique hyperbaric oxygen fluctuations encourage the body to multiply its own stem cells. This specific protocol targets various health and wellness areas, such as: 

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs): Studies illustrate HBOT can “induce neuroplasticity”—the brain’s ability to change and adapt. This potential can help repair damaged brain functions for those suffering from challenges after traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

Limitations and Dangers of HBOT

  • Not all HBOT administration is the same across clinics. Some use monoplace oxygen chambers, while others use multiplace chambers. Also, the way oxygen is administered is different across clinics as well. For example, most clinics administer oxygen at a steady level rather than use the oxygen fluctuations required to gain the benefits (based on Nobel-prize winning research).
  • HBOT is an elective treatment. HBOT in the context of Healthy Aging is not covered by insurance.
  • Potential side effects due to pressure changes may include ear and sinus discomfort. For some chronic conditions, special considerations may be needed.

Why Hyperbaric Oxygen at Aviv Clinics Dubai May Be a Better Alternative to Stem Cell Therapy

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HBOT offers a safer, scientifically backed and a much more reliable approach to improving cognitive and physical performance (reverse aging), post-stroke rehabilitation, and traumatic brain injury. 

Stem cell therapy currently does not have enough high quality data to know if it is an effective reverse aging treatment. 

While stem cell therapy is invasive (injecting cells into your body), HBOT is non-invasive, which means that there is no risk of acquiring infections or other side effects associated with invasive procedures. Individuals breathe in 100% oxygen, usually through a mask, and HBOT triggers the proliferation of your own stem cells.

The natural approach HBOT takes is why so many people have been able to experience long-term, systemic improvements throughout the entire human body. HBOT targets both the brain and body to improve the aging process and quality of life. 

To explain further: 

  • Stem cell therapy is an invasive therapy (stem cells are injected into the body). HBOT is non-invasive. Aviv’s HBOT process is administered via an oxygen mask in a first class multi-person suite, and the oxygen fluctuations trigger the body’s ability to naturally proliferate its own stem cells. 
  • Aviv’s HBOT protocol is founded on decades of research and offers a holistic therapeutic approach to target the brain and body, enhancing overall human performance and aging. As far as stem cell therapy is concerned, high quality data is still not sufficient to fully understand the relevance of this treatment. 
  • While the success of stem cell therapy relies on stem cell sources and availability, HBOT at Aviv relies on the body’s natural ability to repair damaged cells. This offers a safer and more reliable option to boost performance and limit aging in the long run.
  • HBOT at Aviv is based on peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Learn more about the science of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

The Aviv Medical Program’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Protocol

The Aviv Medical Program in Dubai includes HBOT to boost the body’s self-healing abilities. Our unique and safe HBOT protocol involves fluctuating oxygen levels to trigger stem cell proliferation. 

Here’s how Aviv’s HBOT process works: 

  • In the oxygen chamber suite, clients put on a mask and breath in pure oxygen. The suite is pressurized above atmospheric levels, increasing oxygen levels up to 10 times higher than normal.
  • Health professionals fluctuate oxygen levels during the session. These fluctuations trigger stem cells to multiply and new blood vessels and neurons to develop. 
  • In addition to HBOT, clients may undergo cognitive, physical, and nutritional training. This drives your body’s natural healing and regeneration process. 
  • A multidisciplinary team delivers the full Aviv Medical Program, not only the HBOT protocol.

While other clinics typically focus on injecting the body with stem cells, Aviv’s unique protocol fuels the body to reproduce stem cells organically.

Our program is founded on decades of research — data that has helped our clients achieve a higher quality of life. 

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The unique HBOT protocol at Aviv Clinics is founded on decades of research. If you’re looking to reverse your biological age and naturally reproduce your body’s stem cells, the Dubai team is on your side.  

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