Defying Limitations: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy’s Impact on Reversing the Aging Process

Getting older can feel overwhelming. Between experiencing lapses in memory, a decline in your physical capabilities, and ongoing health issues, you may wonder if there’s a better way to age gracefully. While many believe these age-related issues are “just a part of the norm,” it’s likely because they haven’t heard about Aviv’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)

Aviv Clinics’ HBOT is a premier, proven process for reverse aging. A medical treatment that involves using the hyperoxic-hypoxic paradox, HBOT increases oxygen levels in the body up to 10 times higher than normal. This encourages the body to unlock its self-healing abilities. With the right team by your side, HBOT can help your brain and body age gracefully. 

Learn the science behind Aviv’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy and its impact on reversing the aging process. The time to move forward with confidence begins now.

Daniel van Otterdijk, former Aviv Clinics client:

“My memory wasn’t as sharp as it used to be…and I just accepted it as a part of the aging process. [After the Aviv Medical Program] there’s been massive change in my life.” 


HBOT: A Proven Reverse Aging Method 

Reverse aging is a clinically-proven outcome that enhances the quality of life for many, no matter their age or cognitive and physical condition.

How? The answer lies in five key hallmarks of aging:

  • Telomeres: Think of telomeres as the hardened ends of shoelaces (aglets). Just as aglets protect the laces, telomeres protect our chromosomes from declining. Telomeres naturally shorten as we age.
  • Senescent cells: These are aging cells that are alive but have stopped multiplying. When senescent cells collect over time, they can contribute to age-associated conditions. 
  • Stem cells: Stem cells repair damage in the body. Stem cells naturally decrease with age. This can make it difficult for our bodies to regenerate damaged tissue.
  • Mitochondria: These are parts of cells that develop energy for the body. Mitochondria gradually grows less efficient over time.
  • Oxygen: Arteries become narrower with age, which restricts blood flow and oxygen to essential organs.

A landmark study discovered that HBOT could reverse the main biological signs of aging in humans:

“We have found that using our protocol we are able to decrease the numbers of these senescent cells. We’ve also shown that we are able to increase the telomere lengths.” Dr Efrati. 

According to Dr. Amir Hadanny (co-author of the study and Aviv Clinics physician), the study has shown that:

“In just three months of HBOT, we were able to achieve such significant telomere elongation—at rates far beyond any of the currently available interventions or lifestyle modifications.”

Let’s dive deeper by walking through the specific ways HBOT can reverse the aging process — ways that have restored many people’s potential for living life to the fullest. 

HBOT Can Slow Down Cognitive Decline 

The brain is a powerful organ, and you can preserve cognitive health with proper oxygen and nutrients. Cognitive health tends to decline as we get older. This may be why activities, such as keeping track of tasks or analyzing data at work, become harder and more frustrating to do than before.

Luckily, the team at the Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research discovered: 

  • A specific HBOT protocol can slow cognitive decline, possibly due to its ability to increase blood flow to the brain. This process helps regenerate brain cells, blood vessels and stem cells proliferation.
  • The HBOT protocol serves as a safe and effective intervention for cognitive decline:

“In our study, for the first time in humans, we have found an effective and safe medical intervention that can address this unwanted consequence of our age-related deterioration.” –Dr. Shai Efrati

HBOT Can Improve Memory Function 

The brain is a delicate organ that often needs a gentle push to reach its full potential. 

HBOT can help bridge this gap and improve memory function. Study participants who received HBOT showed higher levels of memory strength than those who didn’t receive the therapy.

HBOT Can Delay the Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease

Poor blood circulation means less blood can reach the brain. This impacts memory, thinking, and behavior and can cause vascular complications—a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease. 

This sounds frightening, but the HBOT protocol available at Aviv Clinics Dubai shows promise in: 

“By treating vascular dysfunction, we’re mapping out the path toward Alzheimer’s prevention. More research is underway to further demonstrate how HBOT can improve cognitive function and become an influential tool in the imperative fight against the disease.” –Dr. Shai Efrati

HBOT Can Encourage Better Blood Circulation

The aging process tends to slow down blood circulation throughout the body—a function that keeps your mind and heart strong and delivers oxygen to organs that need it.

Fortunately, HBOT, delivered using a specific protocol, can improve blood circulation and encourage angiogenesis—the growth of new capillary blood vessels.

HBOT Can Help Manage Chronic Pain

Globally, it has been estimated that 1 in 5 adults suffer from pain. As many of us know personally, suffering from chronic pain often progresses with age. 

With the right HBOT process, you don’t have to be the one experiencing painful conditions. HBOT and other therapies, exercise, and proper nutrition can be a systemic way to manage chronic pain

One study reports that: “HBOT can improve the symptoms and life quality of FMS [fibromyalgia] patients.” It can also manage abnormal brain activity in pain-related areas—a relief for people who have given up hope of ever feeling like themselves again. 

HBOT Can Improve Physical Performance 

With more oxygen in the body, Aviv’s HBOT protocol can help you feel physically stronger, promoting: 

  • Better fitness, strength
  • Improved coordination, and balance
  • Less pain and inflammation
  • Better sleep 
  • Improved sexual performance for men

Watch as Dr. Joseph Maroon shares data on how his health progressed and his triathlon time improved after participating in a personalized HBOT program:

Aviv Clinics Makes It Possible to Live Well for Longer

The details above are true testaments to HBOT’s impact on reversing the aging process. While society believes having a variety of health problems are simply a natural part of aging, science says otherwise. And at Aviv Clinics, we established a renowned program based on this data. 

The Aviv Medical Program: A New Approach to Aging 

The Aviv Medical Program was founded to help individuals from all walks of life reach their full physical and cognitive potential. Clients have noted feeling “very energetic” and a revival of self-esteem.

Depending on your symptoms, needs, and goals, your program can include: 

  • In-depth review of medical history
  • Comprehensive physical and neurological exam
  • Physical therapy evaluation
  • Highly advanced brain imaging scans
  • Neurocognitive tests

During the treatment, the program can include a combination of: 

  • Specific HBOT protocol from the mentioned studies
  • Cognitive training
  • Physical training
  • Dietary coaching

Our Diverse and Experienced Team

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to enhancing physical and cognitive performance. This is why it’s important to have a team of experienced and supportive medical professionals by your side throughout your aging years. 

Aviv Clinics’ diverse team of neurologists, Physiotherapists, and physicians explores each client’s health and performance from different angles. This personalized attention enables us to build a custom treatment plan just for you

Our Success Stories

Our incredible clients walked into the Aviv Medical Program with a wide range of age-related concerns but walked out with a renewed zest for life. Learn about their journey

They are evidence of the powerful impact Aviv Clinics’ powerful treatment plan can have on your or your loved one’s life. The current challenges that you face do not need to be part of your life moving forward. 


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